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Difference between executive search and recruitment agencies

You must know that recruitment agencies help firms find the perfect candidate for the job through a certain process of recruitment in order to determine that the candidate is perfect for the position. Whereas executive search Dubai is a way of searching for recruits for higher positions for firms and companies, they act as a third party agency for hiring purposes that can benefit both the companies. Here is the key difference between both these agencies:

  • Role in Job hunting

Recruitment agencies

They usually don’t have a huge role in job hunting as they seek out candidates through job hunting at online portals and social media sites such as facebook and linkedin etc. They don’t play a huge role in it as candidates can simply reach out to them through these job openings.

Executive search companies

As we know, executive search companies are known for recruiting candidates for a higher level this is why the basic and traditional recruitments methods are not applicable for these companies. They take a step forward and interact with the HR department of the company for better understanding of their requirements and work accordingly.

  • Process of finding the right candidate

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies have a different approach to finding the right candidate. They collect CVs in bulk and contact the active job seekers. Because they are not searching for a high level position there are several potential candidates and there is a high number of interviews that they have to go through in order to find the right one.

Executive search companies

Executive recruitment Dubai is a tricky task as the position requires a methodical and systematic approach to finding the right person. They go through CVs and require job applications and different exercises to determine the right candidate. After assessing them on the basis of their application, candidates are then shortlisted and called for an interview. The process may vary from agency to agency but the result that it would produce would be the same.

These are some basic differences between these two recruitment agencies for a better understanding. You can choose whoever you like on the basis of what you are in need for. Some agencies provide both of these services which is a good option for those who are looking for both.