Appropriate technology for kids – Things to know 

We live in a digital world that is majorly supported by advanced technology. If you look around carefully, you will realize that the new generation of kids is very much obsessed with technology at an age where they cannot even walk or speak properly. So it would be right to say that technology gadgets play a key role in our kid’s development. Parents depend on gadgets and internet to teach their kids everything. Even if you enroll your kid in a nursery in Sports City Dubai or any other part of the country, you will see that how that place is hinged upon technology to teach your kid. SO, where ever your kids go they are getting closer to technology more and more daily.

But have you ever thought that there is a dark side to this too. Meanwhile technology is making your kids faster and smarter, it is also expanding distance between parents and children. Although it plays a vital and positive role in your children’s personality by sharpening their mind but at the same time you need to have a control over it. With the arrival of smartphones, tablets or easy access to internet this seems best source of teaching kids in schools. These have become essential part of a kid’s life when they join school because they share knowledge & information through these gadgets.

In the nursery age, you should control your kids timing on these gadgets as it may cause them health issues if they spend too much time on gadgets. Firstly their eyes are affected. The weak eyesight will irritate them for the rest of their life. When you go to look for a nursery in Al Barsha, Dubai or any other place, you can tell the teachers or care takers to limit the time of their kid on screen. Screen exposures in nurseries make your kids addicted to it and they cannot resist screen even when they are home with you. Save your children from abuse of technology, and a nursery is the right place to start. Keep your child occupied with other things. Play with them, tell them stories or take them to the park. You can easily divert the attention of your children by adapting these ways. Instead of digital technology you better engage your little kids with other things for example a stuff toy that sings & make your child giggle. Plus you can pick up books that with glowing words or making sounds. This kind of technology doesn’t harm your kids & will help them in learning in a healthy way.

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