Things to do before you depart this world

Has life become so dull and boring that you would rather prefer dying than continuing your daily routine another day that passes in a furry never explaining where the time went? Or you feel like you’ve done everything that you could in this world to enjoy the given life to its fullest? Or you think you can use a quick vacation from the tiring routine and let the problems fall back for some time? Here is the answer to all your worries and questions, things that everyone should do before their clock ticks and their time’s up:

  • Live on the edge

Live on the edge: literally and figuratively. Life has so much to offer when you get out of your comfort zone trapped behind the closed doors of your little house. Get out there and do things that you have been afraid to do all your life such as living on the edge of Toronto which has a captivating view to offer. This would be one of the bravest things that you have ever done because glass floors are never going to look the same when you take an edge walk literally on the edge of the world.

  • Encounter one on one with polar bears

It’s easy to find the rare animals in a zoo but what isn’t are finding Arctic animals. Pack your bags and start trekking to the North in November because that is the time when you will be able to have a one on one discussion with polar bears just outside the diner which is convenient as you don’t have to travel far and they will come to meet you themselves. Have a hot coffee and discuss life plans unless you are scared of carnivores and a discussion may end up you being their meal outside the diner, other than that it’s a beautiful experience.

  • Biking on mountains

If you are an energetic individual who loves sport then combining it with a vacation in Vancouver is one of the best ways to spend your holidays where you get to bike around the Sooke and Campbell rivers on Vancouver Island. 

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