Differentiating ICSI and IVF

If you are also one of those unlucky couples who have been trying for the past two years to reproduce and conceive normally but have been unsuccessful, you must be looking for other options which can help you provide what you are lacking. There are several different medications and treatments which are prescribed and even after that you are not able to achieve your goal then you must be trying other options of infertility treatment in Dubai such as IVF or ICSI treatment in Dubai.

Though the process is quite the same and similar, there is still a slight difference. IVF which is commonly known as In Vitro Fertilisation and Intracytoplasmic sperm injection known as ICSI are both processes to treat fertility. The most significant difference is that in IVF egg and sperm are left on their own to naturally fertilise and turn into embryo whereas in ICSI, sperm is forcefully injected directly into the egg.

IVF and ICSI is similar to IUI where sperm is injected directly into a woman’s womb when there are highest fertility rates concluded after studying menstrual cycle of them. It is recomended to single women and homosexual couples. It is a much more easier process as compared to IVF and ICSI as well as much simpler and cost effecient.

IUI stands for IntraUterine Insemination.

ICSI will prove to be successful if you are suffering through male infertility or sperm related infertility. It is best for those who have low sperm count or abnormal sperm shape with low motility. Sperm can be collected surgically and then invested in eggs.

IVF and ICSI type of treatments are complicated and risky ones. Before you move to them make sure that you have tried other different options. Don’t be disappointed if luck isn’t with you and be brave and courageous enough to face every situation with head held high and take action before it is too late so that you don’t regret the situation later.

If you face some symptoms which are out of the ordinary, quick consultation to your doctor is highly recommended than waiting and contemplating the situation. Everyone’s body reacts differently so take your time and get in touch with people who have experienced these all and went through it successful and even the unsuccessful ones as it can teach you some important things.