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Things to remember while having a traditional treatment

Acupuncture and Hijama both are traditional ways of curing diseases and people are using these methods before the starting of history. acupuncture in dubai is the method in which needles are used to cure diseases like chronic pains and brain diseases. On the other hand in Hijama cupping therapy different cups are used to draw the filthy blood from the body resulting in cure of disease or pain of that part. While having either in them you have to take care of many things. You have to ask your therapist about the experience of doing these because if a non-professional does this then it might give you other disease instead of curing the previous. You have to visit to your doctor too and use these methods as an additional treatment but you should not just rely on either on these methods. When talking about Hijama then this is not for few groups of people because they are fragile. These people include:

Children below the age of four are not entitled for this method. There are many reasons for this verdict and one of them is that they are too small to handle the pain that will appear after the cupping treatment. Another reason is that they have lower blood level than older people so if mistakenly more blood will be taken from their body then there may be a chance of their death.

Elderly people like above the age of 50 and 60 should not get this treatment or get for a very small time. The main reason is that our skin will loose and become breakable with age and it may be tearing off due to cupping. Another reason is that elderly people use to have different medicines which may thin their blood and as a result there will be a blood loss threatening the life of that person. These medicines may also hinder the effect of cupping.

Pregnant women should not get this treatment as it may get them high risk factors like blood loss or the permanent bruising. Also the menstruating women should not get this treatment until they came out of that phase. The main reason behind this verdict is that both of them are going through many hormonal changes so they should avoid treatments like this.