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How to get Residence Visa for Dubai?

Today individuals are seen opting for private hospital Dubai and others are even seen looking for gynecologist doctor in Sharjah. Whether one has relocated to the UAE because of a specific lucrative job proposal or one is planning to initiate a particular business in Dubai, bringing one’s family to a particular country where one is going to reside is one of the essential things that one may be trying to achieve. After all, it is difficult to stay apart from one’s loved ones for a long period.

UAE has been providing accommodation to a wide range of expats, with individuals belonging to different nations and residing in this beautiful country. In such cases, getting a particular “residence visa” for one’s family members in this fabulous city is not an easy job to achieve. One certainly has to meet a long set of rules and regulations which have been made by this nation’s government.  

However, the whole process of shifting one’s family to Dubai can be hassle-free and easily affordable if one abides by the given set of rules. 

Permit Application

Before one is planning to get a particular residence visa for one’s spouse and kids, one first needs to get their hands on “entry residence visa”. This is commonly known as an entry permit. For this one needs to submit some important documents like a typed form of entry permit, attested certificate of one’s salary, your passport-size pictures and much more. 

Visa for Residence 

Once an individual’s family members are in the fabulous city of Dubai then one needs to proceed with their family members’ residence visa. This thing is quite essential and one should do this in the first 60 days. One needs a variety of documents for getting their family’s resident visa. Some of them include their passport-size pictures, a residence form, entry permit and much more. 

Knowledge of Law

The laws of different countries indeed differ from one another. So, one should be very careful about a specific country’s laws and they should be followed with full concentration. This is essential if one wants to be safe from all sort of future hassle.

These are some of the essential things which should be kept in mind before one plans to get their family members residence visa for Dubai.