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Employment at Radio Station

Radio stations make the component of radio important in the industry of communication by speaking to the public and masses with the microphone and complete system at a time to inform them with current situation or give them awareness about the situation of the world. Therefore, it is not bad to work in radio. They provide immense job opportunities to fresh graduates, job seekers or to people who want to do something different in their free time. 

The plus point is that radio stations do not require extensive experience and high-five qualifications. All they want from their workers is

  1. Confidence
  2. Time-management
  3. Creativity
  4. Sound mind.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that radio jobs are limited to 

  1. RJs
  2. Moderator
  3. Producer
  4. Editor, and 
  5. Content writer.

There are further employment opportunities in radio like other industries which play an important role in the development of the country. Some of them are:

  1. Marketer: Like every other industry, whether its advertising agency or insurance company, radio stations also need marketers who can market or advertise the particular radio FM or radio show to all nooks and corners of the country.
  2. Accountant: They need complete department of accounts and finance that can calculate and make record of expenses of the station and each show separately. They need charted accountants, ACCA pass outs and students of bachelors of commerce to make spreadsheets of debit and credit of each show. 
  3. Human Resource: The radio stations need individuals who have degree of HR who can manage their other employees and make their salaries. They have team of HR managers and interns who have responsibility to ensure that all workers are performing well. 
  4. Sound Engineers: At the side of recording studio, besides producers and RJs, the stations need sound engineers who have expertise in enhancing the voice of the speaker by changing few notes on the machines. They need such engineers who have knowledge about sonic branding, sound design and IVR.
  5. Librarian: Whether you are a decent worker in the recording studio in Dubai or South Africa, each and every radio station has library. These libraries have music records and books. Therefore, they need such librarians who can manage books and labels separately and able to guide the people who need them.

So, these are few jobs in radio stations besides typical jobs in media which we all know since we have turned 12 or 13. If you know more about employment opportunities in radio then see this here.